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With a degree in Business and Computer Programming, and additional experience in retail, teaching (corporate), staffing, sales, and farming, Jan brings a variety of skills and capabilities to the job.


FreeLance Farm Services was formed as the variety of Jan’s capabilities grew and more formal structure was needed around her growing business. From pet care to livestock care, pasture management and planned grazing, and Web site development to marketing, your farm or business needs can be supported with our “as needed” services.


Previous clients in NC and SC have included farms in Saluda and Aiken counties (South Carolina), and Alamance County (North Carolina). These jobs involve milking goats, doing various farm tasks like cleaning, mowing, weed eating, and caring for horses, cattle, and chickens during farm owner absences. In addition, Jan ran a booth at a large local farmer's market.

One farm has developed a patent pending hay implement so, Jan has worked with them to help advertise and market their product, work toward  an LLC, and strategize their business plan.


A little more about Jan’s current pursuits…

Jan’s childhood passions for horses and farm life have gained substance in the past 4 years where she has studied extensively and pursued farming opportunities regarding restorative agricultural practices including:

  • Annie’s Project – Women in Agriculture conferences

  • Clemson Extension’s SC New & Beginning Farmer certificate program (graduate 2013)

  • CFSA Paid Internship – Wil-Moore Farms, Lugoff, SC

  • CFSA Conferences and Workshops

  • Studied under:  Greg Judy, Ian Mitchell-Innes, Allan Savory (Savory Global), Ray Archuleta, Molly Haviland, Dr. Charles Sydnor, Joel Salatin (Polyface Farms), and numerous others.

  • Topics of primary study included: Forages, Soil Microbiology, Compost Teas, Nutrient Cycles and Soil Health,

  • Work experience includes:

    • Trail Ridge Goat Dairy, Relief Milker/Farmer’s Market CSA, Aiken, SC;

    • Braeburn Farm, Farm Operations Manager (Grass-Fed Beef), Snow Camp, NC;

    • CFSA Internship (paid), On Wil-Moore Farm (Pastured Chickens, Sheep), Columbia, SC


Jan’s passion for farming, specifically grass-fed beef, has led her to focus primarily on ultra-high density, Mob grazing, or Planned grazing techniques using temporary electrical fencing equipment, and moving cattle herds at least once but up to 3 times per day. She has gained immense joy and satisfaction at seeing diverse populations of wildlife and forages restored resulting in a balanced and healthy environment for all.


Having worked in the retail health food industry, she has seen first-hand the disparity between local farms and consumers in general. Though local farming is making a come-back, the average shopper is still really clueless about what it takes to put food on the table…. Or even what authentic and pure food tastes like without added sugars, stabilizers, preservatives, and colors. Jan would love to be involved with on-farm, public education.



Jan’s parents were both of European descent and loved to travel the World when she was a child. This was mostly facilitated by her mother’s desire to visit their families in Germany and Italy, and her father’s job as a commercial airline flight engineer which provided free passage. Though she was born in Queens, NY, when she was about 3 years old, they moved to live first in Taiwan, then to Japan. For the next eight years, she became a voracious reader and fostered a love for farming and horses.


In 1972, her father ended his airline career and the family moved to Tillamook, OR where they had just bought a local hardware store and gift shop. Jan’s father also had a passion for farming so he purchased some acreage, built a house and a barn and raised grass-fed beef, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, and of course, Jan had a horse. Working after school with her parents at their stores she earned a little to help pay for her horse and was also very active in dog and horse 4-H, and loved farm life.


In 1982, Jan moved to South Carolina and after a bit of searching decided to pursue a degree in Computer programming. Her subsequent computer work included serving in project lead, technical trainer, and technical staffing roles. She also raised two beautiful daughters, was a competitive triathlete, and developed a passion for healthy and wholesome living.


Through it all, the one thing that drives everything else… she really loves helping people, especially to learn about their own health and farm/food connection.

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